The company represents the following manufacturers:


Bayka Color Farbkonzentrate GmbH
German manufacturer of high-grade colour concentrates for all types of polymers in the cable industry and plastics industries.

Carl Bechem GmbH
German manufacturer which develops and produces high-quality special lubricants and metalworking supplies for virtually all industrial applications. Means for wire drawing and tube alumni, copper and their alloys, as well as other metals such as nickel, steel, precious metals, titanium and palladium. Their products are sold globally and differentiate themselves through high efficiency, lubricating and cleaning power.
Condor Compounds GmbH
German manufacturer specialising in high quality halogen-free flame retardant compounds, primarily for the cable industry where they are used for insulations, fillings and sheaths.
GarnTec GmbH
German producer of water-blocking fibers and strands for the cable industry.
Freudenberg & Co. KG
Freudenberg develops and produces non-woven materials for various applications, including the cable and electrical industries. They offer a wide range of non-woven materials for virtually all applications in the cable industry. 

Holifa Fröhling GmbH & Co. KG
German manufacturer specialising in the development and manufacture of high-quality lubricants for the drawing of steel and other metals. The product range includes various types of stearates, pastes, emulsions and oils for drawing as well as synthetic lubricants for various applications. 

MCCP France SAS (Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers Europe)
The European division of Mitsubishi Chemical Group, specialises in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality materials such as thermoplastic elastomers and PVC for the cable industry, the automotive industry, medical technologies, light industries, and construction.
Wilhelm Dietz GmbH & Co. KG
Founded 75 years ago in Germany, Wilhelm Dietz GmbH & Co. KG develops and manufactures lubricants and protective treatments against corrosion of metals. Their steel working products are used in industry, machinery manufacturing, pipe production, as well as the automotive sector.